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Keeping up to date with Korea-loving Londoners, Koreans living in London, and English dudes / dudettes currently in Hanguk!

Confessions of a Non-Fangirl (MBC Korean Culture Festival @ IndigO2, London)

I love Korean culture, and am obsessed with Korean-related events in London. Only, K-pop has always been something I’ve shied away from. I find it hard to accept it isn’t “my thing”, but maybe it just isn’t. I try to listen … Continue reading

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Hip and Mainstream: Kimchee Restaurant @ High Holborn

I simply had to try out Kimchee- London’s latest hip and raved-about Korean restaurant, located in the central Holborn area. My friends and I paid a Sunday evening visit, joined the 40-minute queue in anticipation, and finally got seated, served and … Continue reading

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KOREA in London’s Tate Modern

The Korean Cultural Centre provides plentiful and diverse Korean art exhibitions for Londoners. It’s always a nice surprise to happen upon examples of Korean art elsewhere in the city, which is why I was happy to stumble across Do Ho Suh’s Energy … Continue reading

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Catching the Wind in Jeju

Why was I constantly humming Donovan’s “Catch the Wind” during my recent trip to Jeju? Maybe the Kim Young Gap Gallery holds the answer. This is one of the least-publicised, least-touristy and best-hidden of Jeju’s museums. In fact I had never … Continue reading

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My Korean Adventure

A bit like a dream, I’ve just returned from a whirlwind six days back in my beloved Korea. I was exploring Seoul and Jeju with The Korea Blog and fellow bloggers Alex, Asif, Chris, Eleonora, Paul and Suzy, who have been helping me keep in touch with Korea … Continue reading

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Who are London’s Korea Fans?

I’ve been back from Korea for two years now, and the Korean cultural presence here in London is fuller than ever. We are 5519 miles from Seoul, but we Londoners can’t get enough: the London Korean Language Meetup webpage has … Continue reading

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Cuppa (nok) cha?

I was sitting at my desk and pondering how to include more 사람 (saram= people) within this blog. I know so many cool peeps with a Korean connection; some living there right now, many K-pop and K-drama nuts, those from … Continue reading

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