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I’m trying to learn, and will pass on any tips that I pick up along the way!

Hangul, How Cool

Yesterday was officially Hangul Day ( 한글 날), so let’s celebrate the unique alphabet, and the characters and words that it makes up! In my Korean class, we were asked what drew us to learn Korean, and what we liked about … Continue reading

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Do I like K-pop?

For someone as passionate about Korea as I am, it’s somewhat controversial to even muse such a thing, but I’m stuck on this one- do I actually like K-pop? When I first heard it, I simply dismissed it as “not … Continue reading

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“Monologues” Korean Culture and Language Lesson

Korean language class last week was a little bit different. This time it was about culture, and expanding our vocabulary in terms of discussing paintings. We went through some phrases relating to opinions on art before looking around the Monologues art … Continue reading

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Studying Korean: Recipe for Learning

The worst way to approach revision is to think of it as a chore. I also find that it’s very difficult to remain motivated if studying alone. Instead, this should be an interactive, fun, and social activity that you actually look forward … Continue reading

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Honorifics-feeling honoured

In K-class, we’re currently learning the ‘honorific’ form of speaking Korean (하세요, etc.) This should be used or not depending on whom you are speaking to / about. The hononorific form should be employed when speaking to someone older or … Continue reading

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Hanbok student chic

Studying at the KCC is wonderful! We may have had to do a speaking test (results pending) but afterwards we got to dress up in these beautiful and colourful hanbok. Our idea was to create a mock-wedding scene. My role … Continue reading

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Top 5 Tips for Korean Speaking Practice

The first eight weeks of this term have flown by, and it’s now time for my classmates and I to prepare for our Korean speaking test, which is next Wednesday. It dawned on me that without any close Korean friends … Continue reading

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