Korea Blogs of 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR, and hello 2013!

Kimchi Soul blog posts were a little sporadic throughout 2012, mainly because since March, I’ve been writing as a featured blogger for the mighty The Korea Blog. And what a fun and interesting year it’s been. Here’s a 2012 round-up of my (non Kimchi Soul)  articles, which you can access by clicking on the titles:


Veggie Korea: The other side to Korean cuisine, which can be enjoyed by all. Nomnomnom

veggie korea

February / March

How Korean Food Got Fashionable: An overview and insight into the global K-food trend

how korean food got fashionable


What are you wearing? Korean fashion hits London!

korean fashion hits londonMay

Korean Shorts: A selection of reviews on experimental short films shown at the London Korean Film Festival 2011

korean shorts


Why Korean? Everyone wants to learn Korean nowadays- this piece explores why

why korean


Summer of K-pop: K-pop music was taking over way before Psy’s Gangnam Style came on the scene!


Hidden Flavours of Korea: This post goes undercover to seek out Korean ingredients across London’s (non-Korean) restaurants


100-day festival turns All Eyes to Korea during London Olympics: Documenting summer 2012’s All Eyes on Korea festival as it celebrated all things Korean



Kokdu: Korean Funerary Figures: An art exhibition that doubled up as a journey through Korea’s history, and into traditional attitudes towards death


Dare to Scare: Modern K-horror: 10 must-see K-horrors to introduce the genre

dare to scare


Preparing for Korea: Tips for anyone who’s moving to / thinking of moving to/ just moved to our beloved Korea

Preparing for korea kimchi

Be-Being’s Yi-myun-gong-jak: A unique blend of modern media technology, and ancient music and performance techniques

Be being


What is a K-pop Flashmob? Exploring the origins, rising popularity and attraction of the K-pop flashmob phenomenon

kpop flashmob

10 Favourite Korean Sweet Treats: From patbingsu to nockcha latte, here are my 10 fave Korean sweeties and desserts

10 Favourite Korean Sweet Treats


SK School vs. UK School: What are the key similarities and differences?


Profile on Korean Influence in London’s High Street Stores: Korean-inspired accessories, stationery, food, beauty products, music and DVDs in UK stores

Cute stationery in Paperchase


A Foreigner’s Guide to Christmas in Korea: It may not be the same, but rest assured that Christmas in Korea can be even more fun that what you’re accustomed to!

christmas in korea

5 Festive Korean Films: Films perfect for the season, to suit all tastes

the day he arrives poster

Capital Comparison: London / Seoul: Two awesome capital cities that feel like home. How do they compare?

Architectural icons: Seoul's Deoksugung Royal Palace, and London's Tower Bridge

Which concludes my 2012 blogging journey. For a fuller summary of the passed year’s best Korea-themed blog posts, check out The Korea Blog’s round-up; and for a look back at 2012’s top stories from K-land, visit Korea.net’s Year Review.

Which just leaves us to look forward into 2013. My blogger’s new year’s resolution? To post my articles for The Korea Blog on here, as they are published. What’s yours? ^.^

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