Seung-Jun Yi’s “Planet of Snail” @ICA, London

When asked what I don’t like about Korea, or rather, if there’s anything I’d like to see improved in the future, attitude and awareness to disability springs to mind. Korean society has so much respect for elderly people, but disability often remains a taboo.

That’s just one of the reasons that I’m drawn to “Planet of Snail”, an award-winning documentary exploring the lives of deaf and blind Young-Chan, and his wife Soon-Ho who is disabled by a spinal injury.

Described by distributors Dogwoof as a “unique, refreshing, often funny film that demystifies what life means for people who live with physical impairments”, by the ICA as “an absorbing, enlightening film about human experience” and by Screen Daily as “an elegant and moving documentary… a real joy,” this film has really caught my eye. If you’re you’re even slightly intrigued, check out the trailer below:

“Planet of Snail” is showing at the ICA from 22nd June (tomorrow) to 28th June. The screening on the 23rd will be a special event, as the film will be followed Q&A with Seung-Jun Yi. Film geeks: don’t miss this one!

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