It’s no secret that London has gone K-pop crazy recently (but that’s another post!) however with all the frenzied and fanatical excitement, it’s easy for other areas of Korean culture to be somewhat overshadowed in the London limelight. Not any more!

The 100-day ALL EYES ON KOREA festival to mark the run-up to the Olympics is in full swing, and in the words of the Korean Cultural Centre, “There’s something for everyone.”

No Korean cultural stone has been left unturned, and a truly rounded and excellently considered festival programme  has been brought to London. So far art and film have been the main focus, with fashion, literature, classical music, cuisine  and cultural identity being just some of the themes of the forthcoming events (see full schedule below:)

Lasting until 9th September, there’s still plenty of time to take advantage and get stuck into K-culture in a big way. This is a great chance to learn something new and awesome, to do something you wouldn’t usually do, and to experience the best of both Korea and London.

Of course, ALL EYES ON KOREA is also about being proactive and getting involved. The festival launch was a vibrant and collaborative routemaster bus campaign that was impossible to miss. The KCC has also recruited a troop of dedicated and friendly supporters who have pledged to promote the fest, as well as lend the KCC and organisers a hand at events.

If you’re interested in the opportunity to volunteer some time to any part of the schedule, please contact the KCC (I’m volunteering too, so will see you there!):

Tel: +44 (0)20 7004 2600

Now, time to get the diary out and plan my AEOK calendar!

  • The KCC website is brimming with more information
  • Watch this space for more info and reviews ^^
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3 Responses to Beyond K-pop: ALL EYES ON KOREA

  1. nitsy says:

    I want to go with you to some of the events, you cutie pie! ❤

  2. kimchisoul says:

    Defo! Which is your fave? ❤

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