Kimchi Cult @ Eat Street

Since 2009, Eat Street has gone from being a concept born out of love for street food to an ultra-popular cult foodie haven. Vendors and foodies brave London’s weather for a full-on street food experience at chosen location spots around the city.

The hub of Eat Street is currently at the previously bare King’s Boulevard in King’s Cross, now transformed into a vibrant, buzzing meeting place brimming with exciting colours, flavours and cultures.

Where better for K-fusion-food innovators Kimchi Cult to park themselves and sell their home-made kimchi sliders? These sell like hotcakes, and the ‘Cult are really starting to live up their name.

Their menu has expanded and recipes evolved, with Korean / Mexican tortas, Korean Fried Chicken (“the other KFC”), kimchi wurst (Korean / German style!) and KBLT (kimchi, bacon, lettuce and tomato) subs all part of the repertoire.

With their love and dedication to all things street-foodie, Kimchi Cult fit right into the ethos of Eat Street as a street food celebration, revolution and community. The different indie food bizzes work together and support each other, as reflected in the fun and laid-back feel when visiting the pop-up stalls, as well as online (@EatStreet is much-Tweeted about!)

This community feel has spawned some very inventive food mash-ups, AKA Eat Street collaborations. When Kimchi Cult met Anna Mae’s (Southern Street Food specialising in macaroni cheese), this is what happened:

Photo courtesy of @kookybakes

I defy anyone to look at this pic without salivating!

Mac ‘n’ kimchi: why has noone thought of this before? It looks scrumptious and comfort food-y, and is a veggie(ish*) option for Eat Street’s non-carnivorous visitors (*the kimchi is made with fish sauce.)

Being a veggie myself, I’ll never be able to tuck into a kimchi slider or KBLT, but as someone whose heart is torn between London and Korea, I can’t help but be drawn towards what Kimchi Cult are doing.

And if kimchi’s not your thing, Eat Street has something for everyone. Believe the hype, and see for yourself…

  • The Kimchi Cult / Anna Mae’s collaboration is available at Eat Street, King’s Boulevard, King’s Cross, TODAY!
  • We hope *fingers crossed* that it will become a regular thing!
  • Click on the names to find out more about Eat StreetKimchi Cult and Anna Mae’s.
  • An honourable mention goes to Vietnamese vendors  Banhmi11 (also at Eat Street), from whom I bought a lovely, spicy and veggie-friendly tofu banh mi! 🙂
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