KOREA in London’s Tate Modern

The Korean Cultural Centre provides plentiful and diverse Korean art exhibitions for Londoners. It’s always a nice surprise to happen upon examples of Korean art elsewhere in the city, which is why I was happy to stumble across Do Ho Suh’s Energy and Process when browsing the Tate Modern.

This intriguing piece caught my eye immediately, and struck me in terms of colour, aesthetic, shape and use of space. The explanation below details the artist’s stimuli and thought process when creating it:

Interestingly, there was another glimpse of Korea in the gallery, this time as part of an art work by American photographer Taryn Simon. A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters explores blood lines and lost individuals, including the theme of adoption- a huge social issue in Korea. One of the 18  bloodlines featured was a Korean family, as shown here:

It was refreshing to see two very different Korea-related artistic works in this prestigious and awesome setting. As much as I love the exhibitions hosted by the KCC, I also hope to see more Korean / Korean-focused art in other establishments across London.

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