My Korean Adventure

A bit like a dream, I’ve just returned from a whirlwind six days back in my beloved Korea. I was exploring Seoul and Jeju with The Korea Blog and fellow bloggers AlexAsifChrisEleonoraPaul and Suzy, who have been helping me keep in touch with Korea through their newsy blogs (click on the names to find them!) The union of the WKBs made this trip all the more special.

Before I forget, here’s a brief journal of what I did each day:

Day 1: Regaining my Seoul

Temple food
Bukak Skyway and Pavilion

Day 2: Piecing together old and new Korea

Deoksugung Royal Palace
National Museum of Korea
Sinsa-dong Tree-lined Street (Garosu-Gil)

Day 3: Bloggers unite

Korea Cultural Information Service (KOCIS) visit, meeting KOCIS Director
Flying to Jeju Island
Jeju New 7 Wonders of Nature presentation
16th Olle trek course
Teddy Bear Museum

Day 4: Uncovering Mysterious Jeju

Mysterious Road / Goblin Hill
Sangumburi Crater
Kim Young Gap Gallery
Udo Island
Phoenix Island / Seopijikoji

Day 5: The Sweetest Flavour

Flying back to Seoul
SBS Inki Gayo live pop countdown
Cycling by the Han River
Late-night shopping in Dongdaemun

Day 6: The Fondest Farewell

Last meal in Korea (banquet-like!) at airport
Waving ‘bye bye for now’, happy to have spent some time in Korea 🙂

Don’t worry, all will be explained and re-told in detail and in good time, both by me and the other WKBs (we all agreed that one of the great things about blogging is experiencing different perspectives and writings that reflect each blogger’s style and preference. I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say about our time in Seoul and Jeju).

For now, I can say with certainty that I saw, learnt and realised a wealth of new things during the trip. Some fun things I discovered are:

The K-Blogger Community in Seoul and across Korea is very active and collaborative. There’s a bunch of astute, informed writers working hard to keep us all entertained and educated.

Coffee Shop Culture has got bigger and bigger over the last 3 years. A new chain called ‘Cafe Bene’ has opened up, and is a big hit.

New Konglish including ‘glam-our’ to mean ‘curvy’ and ‘point-uh’ to mean an eye-catching item of clothing. I can’t wait to learn more!

Samsung Lexus Ice Cream Sandwich is the new must-have technology that gadget geeks have been waiting for.

Veganism has taken off, with the first-ever vegan chain restaurant Loving Hut spread across the land.

Korean Architecture is influenced by ancient design and concepts from diverse Asian and European countries as well as Korea itself.

Bridge Restaurants have popped up along the Han River, as kooky and trendy places to eat.

K-pop Sarang I’ve seen K-pop in a whole new light, and cannot deny just how fun it is live. I was also introduced to loads of groups and artists- Orange Caramel are my new faves. The cuter, the better!

Now that I’m home, I’m also reflecting on how the destinations I visited made me feel, and what I’ve taken away from my time there. This is how I sum it up:


I felt at home here, and have decided I really want to live here someday.

Favourite experience: Inki Gayo


This island made me feel more at peace and relaxed than I have for a very long time. Historically, everyone who visits Jeju falls in love with it.

Favourite experience: Sangumburi Crater ❤

The more I think about my trip to Korea, the more I want to share my experiences. I have so many stories, and will continue to re-tell these to keep my Korean memories alive!

  • Don’t forget to vote for Jeju as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature before November 11th:
  • You can check out my previous trip to Jeju (summer 2008) here 🙂
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12 Responses to My Korean Adventure

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  2. P says:

    What is a bridge restaurant? Is it just, you know, a restaurant on a bridge?

  3. kimchisoul says:

    Bridge restaurant photos to come! The one I visited was a dinky, capsule-like eatery on a tower stuck to the side of the Dongjak Bridge. Hope this helps! 🙂

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  5. OMG YOU GOT TO GO TO INKIGAYO?!?! :O Who did you get to see perform!??!? 😀

    • kimchisoul says:

      Yeh, it was SO much fun! Saw Kim Hyun Joong, Brown Eyed GIrls, FT Island, Secret and more…I’ll write a post and send to you, yeh? 🙂 ^^

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  7. Naomi says:

    Many thanks for sharing 😀
    I’m waiting for a few more years before moving there, blogs like yours help me wait he he
    I’m new in England, so I’m very interested in your posts about Korean events in London (:
    Too bad there are no sus things around where I live D:
    Again, thanks for sharing!!!

    • kimchisoul says:

      Hey Naomi,

      That’s good to hear! You will LOVE Korea! Where are you based in England? I hope you find some ‘Korea’ there soon! ^^

      • Naomi says:


        thank you for replying, when you’re probably very busy (:
        I’m sure I will, I can’t wait to move there!! But I need to get my diploma and at least one year of experience first, so… 3 years to wait :O
        Sorry, I’m rambling ^^
        I’m in Staffordshire, I live in a little town called Burton (near Derby), where there are few oriental peoples, and thus no oriental food shop!
        I need to go to Birmingham’s Chinese quarter, which is 40 minutes aways from where I live, when I want to buy oriental food or ingredients, but it’s better than nothing ^^
        I will try to go to London for a Korean festival, which takes place the 8th and 9th of September.
        But my friends here do not really understand my love for Korea, so I think I’ll have to go on my own… but oh well!!
        Sorry for the 6 ft long reply -_-” And please excuse me if my english sounds weird sometimes, I moved to England only 10 months ago (:

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