Korea, here I come…

This is it- my bags are packed, and I’m ready to go… I’m off to Korea for my WKB trip with The Korea Blog later today.

This will be my first time back since I returned to London following my teaching year 3 years ago. I wonder what’s changed? Will I remember my way around? Has my language got better or worse? What’s “in” in Korea these days? I look forward to being able to answer these questions very soon…

I’m elated, excited and a little nervous- this is going to be an incredible few days in Seoul and Jeju. The schedule includes eating vegetarian temple food, visiting museums, hiking Olle trails and watching Inki Gayo being filmed, among many other cool activities. It’s going to be awesome to try loads of new things, whilst re-familiarising myself with the country I so know and love.

Equally as exciting is the fact that I’ll finally get a chance to meet some fellow WKBs and peeps from The Korea Blog in person, after months spent reading their blogs and communicating solely over the web. I really can’t wait to meet and spend some time with everyone!

This is such a fantastic opportunity, and I’m going to embrace it as much as I can. Many a picture will be taken, many a memory be stored, and as always, I’ll bring a little of whatever I learn and find back to London with me.

See you on the flipside 🙂

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