Korea called, London answered

It’s time to reflect on the fun had at last month’s Thames Festival, where Korea Calling stole the show! Just ‘neath the Oxo Tower, all manner of fun was had over a very energetic and enjoyable weekend. My highlights were:

5) Browsing stalls

Just cruising around the Korea Calling area was excitement enough. Like last year, there was a big emphasis on food, with examples of Korean dishes on show, explained and available to buy. New London street food favourite Kimchi Cult kept visitors well-fed with their fusion sliders. Another big hit was the pop-up norebang, constantly packed full of K-pop fans singing their hearts out!

4) Babbling Comedy

Four extremely funny guys clowned around the stage, and had the entire KC area in stitches! The comedy was visual and slapstick, the costumes inspired (Spongebob boxer shorts, crazy wigs and oldskool braces) and characters delightful. I loved the simpleness of the routine- why complicate something so hilarious, witty and entertaining? I’d highly recommend this show to families, and those who want to embrace their inner immature kid!

3) Kukkiwon Taekwondo demonstration

The most impressive martial arts demo I’ve ever seen. The timing and coordination were incredible and the wood-breaks and flying kicks badass, but my favourite aspect was the balletic, dance-like expression that made this about so much more than combat. Absolutely stunning.

2) Taekwondo workshop

Even better than watching taekwondo was having a good old go at it ourselves! The workshop tent filled with festival-goers of all ages, including the tiniest of children and the wimpiest of adults (ahem), all ready to learn from the best. We weren’t quite as graceful or strong as the Kukkiwon members, but  had so much fun attempting punches and front kicks. Plus, I am now definitely inspired to take up taekwondo again.

1) Outdoor screening of silent movie Crossroads of Youth.

A unique experience, clever interpretation, and ‘silent’ film like I’ve never heard before! (Full review to follow very soon…)

After photographing anything and everything at the festival, I was devastated to find that my camera had a glitch that deleted all of my precious photos. The above pictures were taken late at night, after I realised! All is not lost, though! 🙂 Thankfully, the amazing peeps from the KCC posted some wonderful Korea Calling pics on their Flickr page, phew!

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