Snippet of Korean Film Festival in KCC Artwork

When paying my weekly visit to the Korean Cultural Centre for language class, I was amazed at the awesome mural artwork that was in progress:

This is promoting this year’s London Korean Film Festival, which will take place from 3rd to 24th November. With diverse screenings including City of Violence, Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon and Sunny, and a Q&A session with Seung Wan Ryoo (who is celebrated in the KCC mural), the festival is set to be as exciting, captivating and colourful as the images that caught my eye!

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3 Responses to Snippet of Korean Film Festival in KCC Artwork

  1. P says:

    Any idea what the boxer’s sign says?

  2. kimchisoul says:

    Hi P,
    That’s a good question! I’m afraid my Korean is not yet good enough to translate the sign 😦
    I can tell you that the image is from Seung Wan Ryoo’s film “Crying Fist” which is about a failed boxer who “hires himself out as a human punchbag”. I’m guessing that the sign he is holding promotes his new businessline?
    I haven’t seen it yet, but am hoping to catch it at the festival (it’s showing on 16th November, along with a Q&A with the director afterwards) – then I’ll tell you for sure 😉

  3. kimchisoul says:

    Here’s more info from The London Korean Film Festival:

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