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New Malden, London’s Korea Town

It’s not surprising that London’s Korea fans spend a lot of time in the centre of town: the Korean Cultural Centre is just off Trafalgar Square, mini K-town is in Tottenham Court Road and there are a number of restaurants … Continue reading

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Who are London’s Korea Fans?

I’ve been back from Korea for two years now, and the Korean cultural presence here in London is fuller than ever. We are 5519 miles from Seoul, but we Londoners can’t get enough: the London Korean Language Meetup webpage has … Continue reading

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Hongdae: Seoul’s Camden

I was prompted to reminisce about Hongdae (홍대) by my friend and classmate Michael. After spending more than a year studying Korean here in London, he is now moving out to Seoul to work as an English teacher there (화이팅 … Continue reading

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Korean restaurants in London- what’s missing?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the fact that despite being in the midst of London, I can be instantly transported back to Korea through the sights, aromas and above all tastes that Korean restaurants bring with them. I’m … Continue reading

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