Kindred Spirits: WKB Community

As you can see, I was greeted with a wonderful surprise in the post today:

Beautifully presented WKB Certificate of Appointment

Hanguel-decorated box with pretty ribbon...

Lovely gifts: Business card case and USB stick adorned with traditional Korean mother-of-pearl work (Najeon Chilgi)

These were sent to me by who run The Korea Blog in gratitude for being one of their WKBs (Worldwide Korea Bloggers). I would in turn like to thank them for this unique opportunity, and not least for the gorgeous gifts. These items are so beautiful that I am considering not using them at all, but just keeping them in this dinky box and gazing at them in all their glory!

It isn’t only their delicate beauty that makes them so special, though; they also represent being a part of the international WKB community. These are handmade Korean objects to be cherished by all recipients, from the country that we love so much. They are also useful items that relate to another obvious passion shared by all WKBs: blogging.

There are 42 WKBs worldwide, with the majority currently residing in Korea as well as others from countries including Australia, Canada, and the USA. We are all keeping our fingers on the Korean pulse, and blogging our thoughts and experiences in our own individual ways. It is amazing to be a part of this creative, exciting band of people all of whom are kindred spirits. Although I have only met one of the other bloggers in person so far (really hoping to meet everyone someday soon), I have been following the blogs, as well as keeping in touch with the other bloggers through Twitter and Facebook. It is easier than ever to stay in contact these days, and it allows for this very active and vibrant community to exist with gusto.

What I love the most is that our community is not exclusive. In fact we invite anyone who has even the slightest curiosity about Korean culture to join in! A great place to start is by reading the blogs. You’ll find out loads of useful and intriguing things that you may never have otherwise.

Here is the list of blogs, or as I like to call it, the “K-lovers’ paradise”. Enjoy them, I know I do!

Alexandra DeMaria
Anne-Maria Cole
Austin Wallace
Belinda Kew
Chris Backe
Cindy Zimmer
David Teszar
Eleonora Ibragimova
Francesco Morello
Huidrom Renuka
James Larter
Jen Pace
Jennie Griffin
Jepoi Ordaniel
Jihyun Siera Lee
Jordi Sanchez
Joy Iris-Wilbanks
Jun Duong/octotoni
Katie Herron
Kieran Tully
Kimberly Hiller
Lauren Kilberg
Asif Q(londone7)
Magdalena Sieminska
Maria Margareta
Nana Cuellar
Nicole Gonzales
Oliver Geronilla
Paul Matthews
Pearl Grace
Philip Gowman
Roger Tyers
Saftira Angga
Shelley D’souza
Somchandra Nahakpam
SooHee Oh
Suzanne LaGrande
Yelena Lim
  • You can also keep in touch via the “Korea Clickers” facebook page
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