Korea’s Got Talent

I have to share this, as it has been circulating my circle of London friends crazily. Yes, it’s not just Britain and America that ‘have talent’. As we know, this TV phenomenon is now an international franchise, and Korea is no exception.

Inevitably, all contestants who appear on the show have a back story, all aiming to connect with the thousands of audience members watching at home. Some are more compelling than others, and very rarely, a Got Talent contestant goes one step further by winning the affection of, and touching the hearts of millions worldwide.

We famously saw this with SuBo in 2009. I was in Korea back then, and liked to keep in touch with UK news. Suddenly, I became inundated with mentions of ‘Susan Boyle’. What could I do but check out the YouTube video? And I couldn’t help it, I was moved.

2011’s Korea’s Got Talent brings us Sung-bong Choi. His performance and story are already a sensation, with over 4,334,156 on just one YouTube posting alone, as well as a Facebook fan page with over 26, 949 members and counting.

If you haven’t seen the clip in question, click below to see what all the fuss is about:

At first I felt rather embarrassed to admit that watching this sent tears streaming down my face. Then I connected with friends who had all experienced the same emotion (as a side note, I also found it really interesting to see the Korean version of the familiar set-up, particularly their version of Ant and Dec!)

Whatever your views on the Got Talent brand, its global popularity and appeal to audiences from all walks of life have secured its place in modern day culture. And I can’t imagine that anyone will stop talking about Sung-bong Choi any time soon.

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3 Responses to Korea’s Got Talent

  1. Shero says:

    Well said, Annie. This was a treat to read and watch.

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