Why we chose ASSA!

Last weekend, it was time to reunite! I finally met up with some friends that I hadn’t seen for two years: since we were all in Korea. They were English teachers in Chuncheon too, and now live up North here in Yongguk. Their visit to London meant a good deal of catching up needed to be done in a suitably Korean setting. We ended up in St. Giles High Street’s Assa, and here’s why:

1) Central Location

Korea Town (New Malden) is great, but rather out of the way. If you’re absolutely sure you want to end up there and don’t mind leaving early to catch the last train, then a K-town restaurant is the best option for Korean culture immersion. In central London, though, St. Giles High Street (right outside Tottenham Court Road tube station) is a more conveniently located alternative.

2) Popular with Korean people

The only Korean restaurant along the strip so full of Korean people. We took this as a very good sign.

3) Not too posh

Nearby restaurants Po Cha and Woo Jung have a more ‘upmarket’ feel. Maybe these would nicely suit a date or birthday celebration. For our reunion, though, we wanted the same raw, low-brow kind of place that we would eat at every week in Korea. That’s why Assa charmed and impressed us the most.

4) Norebang

It’s simple. The only Korean restuarant with a norebang this side of K-town. How could we resist?

5) Good food, great service

I’ve been to Assa so many times, and it’s never let me down. Its consistency in terms of authentic, delicious foodstuffs as well as stellar customer service is the perfect mix.

Assa may not suit every occasion or everyone, but for a slice of Korea in central London, you can’t go wrong here!

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