London Street Food: Korean Sliders

Fusing kimchi with burgers

I was very pleased to happen upon Korean Sliders, a little slice of Korean / Western fusion food in the form of a stall right here on the streets of London.

I was on the South Bank, and had nipped out of the Royal Festival Hall between gigs for some much-needed munch. Korean Sliders instantly caught my attention.

I headed to the cutely decorated and welcoming stall only to be slightly disappointed that there was no vegetarian Korean fusion option available. This was a burger, or should I say slider stall through and through, so I would be unable to sample the goods.

Despite this, there was a bowl of homemade kimchi for customers to taste, and after doing so once, I went back for seconds. This was the real deal, some yummy kimchi. It’s a shame there were no kimchi-and-cheese patties available for those who don’t eat meat, as I would definitely had ordered one after being so impressed with the tastiness of the kimchi.

Unable to review the sliders myself, I interviewed someone who was. The response was: The taste was good, but the portion size was far too small for the price (£3 for a beef slider  with kimchi and cheese in a bun). This may have done for a snack, but I wanted dinner. I would have preferred to pay £5 for either a full size burger, or 2 differently flavoured sliders, but there was only the basic £3 option. 

Kimchi Sliders cooking away

Despite not having a slider myself, I actually really enjoyed my visit to the stall. Its charm and friendliness were equally reminiscent of street food stalls that you would find on the corner of Chuncheon Myeongdong and those at Glastonbury Festival. In this sense, the ‘fusion’ aspect shone through.

There is a lot to like about Korean Sliders. The guys who run it are  friendly and talkative, and happy to share their story. They told us of how they lived in Korea for two years, and fell in love with Korean food whilst over there.

They are clearly very passionate about their food, as is clear from the attention that they put into each individual freshly made slider. Also evident is their desire to spread the word about Korea and kimchi, with Hangeul phrases and yin-yangs decorating the stall.

Korean Sliders make their own kimchi

Korean Sliders’ ethos cannot be argued with, and sums up why their stall has such great potential: “Since April 2011 I’ve been serving Korean-style Sliders on the streets of London. These mini-burgers and sandwiches combine some of the things I like most about eating. I love sliders because they are fun, un-pretentious and casual; I love Korean food for its hot and sweet flavors and rustic comfort. But it’s about more than just sandwiches for me. This food is a part of who I am and where I’ve been for the last few years” (

It is early days for Korean Sliders, and they may not be for everyone, but their concept, as well as delicious kimchi, bode well for the future. I look forward to seeing what they do (and where they go) next.

  • Try for yourself! Korean Sliders can be tracked via the following website, where you’ll also find a lot more information from the founders:
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3 Responses to London Street Food: Korean Sliders

  1. Barry says:

    Any interesting looking addition to the ever burgeoning London street food scene. So glad it’s finally picking up. Thanks for the info

  2. Bill Chance says:

    I have to make a variety of sliders for a SuperBowl party on Sunday (a big deal here in Texas – I don’t care about the game, but the party should be fun) and plan on Kimchi Sliders as one of the choices. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. kimchisoul says:

    Mmm sounds yummy! Enjoy the game, and I’m sure the sliders will be a success 🙂

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