Happy Black Day!

Forget Valentine’s Day and White Day: singletons, this 14th it’s your turn!

In Korea, April 14th is Black Day, the day where non-couply types celebrate their singledom. Whereas on White Day restaurants will be filled with cooing couples, on Black Day, the tables will instead be taken up by groups of friends.

It’s traditional to eat a noodle dish called jajangmyeon (자장면) today, if you’re single. This consists of thick wheat noodles covered with delicious black bean sauce, and usually served with chopped meat and fresh raw onions.

Many Korean singles will wear black today, which I think is pretty cool, if a little melodramatic! Despite the funeralistic attire, black day is not a day for sadness or self-pity, rather a time to be joyous and proud to be single. Furthermore, it’s proof that the retail gift industry is not limited to kitsch couple culture (although whether or not that is a good thing remains left to debate).

There are many more “colour” days to come later in the year, but I see Black Day as an important date, and a means of balancing out the prevous couple-orientated days.

Why not treat a single friend to a meal (jajangmyeon would be ideal) or some pretty black flowers today?

Enjoy Black Day everyone!

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