BBQ Heaven in Central: Myung Ga

The yin-yang inside of me is telling me that too many of the K-food focus posts have been veggie-orientated, and traditional Korean cuisine clearly isn’t. So here goes, a review of a primarily meaty restaurant, complete with pics of only meat dishes. Sorry veggie friends!

Ironically, I stumbled upon Myung Ga after being turned down by pop veggie eatery Mildreds, which was far too packed to accommodate me and my small party of birthday celebrators. A short walk down the road found Myung Ga; and my impromptu birthday-evening plans were decided-“A Korean Restaurant, yes let’s keep the annual tradition alive!”

I will not dwell on what I had to eat, as it was the “usual” (bibimbap with side dishes), and yes it was good, but no better or worse than a standard “usual” in any London restaurant. What did set Myung Ga apart, though, was the ambience and experience.

Firstly the meat was cooked on a mini-BBQ at our table, as it would have been in a BBQ restaurant anywhere in Korea. My guests and I were not quite sure of what to do, which was noticed by the Myung Ga staff who came over to assist with utmost care and attention to detail. This made for a fun and interactive restaurant experience:

Unfortunately, I didn’t taste the meat, so cannot give a personal opinion, but my friends thoroughly enjoyed both the pork and beef, and not a morsal was left spare.

The restaurant ambience was great- chilled out, welcoming and professional. The staff were friendly and chatted to us casually. We felt absolutely relaxed there, unlike the awkwardness of dining atPo Cha: (see review:)

Rather than moving on to a pub nearby, we simply spent the next few hours drinking Maekju (you can’t beat a Hite on your birthday), chatting and leisurely unwinding in Myung ga, until it was time to go home. We weren’t the only ones either, and I stand by the theory that a group of Korean businessmen in suits getting drunk on soju is the sign of a good restaurant!

Another thing I like about Myung ga is that unlike most Korean restaurants in London, it has a rather funky website, including full menu:

Meat lovers go, and veggies- no need to beware! It’s a fun place for a celebratory evening and should not be overlooked.

  • Myung Ga is @ 1 Kingly Street, London, W1B 5PA
  • Tubes: Oxford Circus or Picadilly Circus
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One Response to BBQ Heaven in Central: Myung Ga

  1. rjmehra says:

    After frequenting it and recommending it for over ten years I’m afraid to say I will ACTIVELY DISCOURAGE people from eating at MYUNG GA Korean restaurant on Kingly St in Soho.

    After overcharging our group (and we’re all quite good at adding up!) the manager CALLED THE POLICE when we quibbled politely about the bill. Initially they refused to remove the over-charge (which we proved we were correct about by consulting the menu), so we said we’d just not-pay the service charge (optional by law anyway). I can’t stress enough how measured, sober and polite we are, this was not a ‘lads night out’ rowdy group by a long shot. But anyway, the manager exploded at this point (not literally unfortunately) and ran screaming and shouting to pick up the phone and dialled 999 to summon the police, actual police, blue lights, nee-naw, ‘now then now then’ POLICE. (They never turned up obviously as they have genuine police work to do and don’t need time wasters like Myung Ga management stopping them from doing their work).

    Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

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