“Monologues”: London KCC’s art showcase

It’s time for art fans to get very excited- London KCC’s first exhibition dedicated solely to fine art painting begins today. Monologues brings the work of four female artists from the Residence Programme of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, to the forefront of London-Korean culture.

These artists have all been selected for their creative excellence, yet as you may expect vary completely in theme, style and interest, making for an fascinating display of modern Korean artistic talent.

As a snapshot, the KCC describes Lee Eunsil as investigating the boundaries between ‘the surreal, real time and space’; Sunny Kim is said to ‘borrow images from others’ photos and movies to present the gap between the real and and unrealized childhood as a Korean’;  Mackerel Safranski ’emphasizes the critical role of art as it encompasses the reality and society around her’; and Lee Jinju presents the complex layer of the inner world whilst exploring the relationship between oneself and our surroundings’.

From these descriptions, I am equally intrigued by all four of the artists in terms of concept, imagination and stimulus. Looking at the pictures below, I feel instantly drawn to Lee Jinju as an aesthetic favourite, but will be sure to attend the exhibition very soon to have a clearer view.

This is an exciting development for both the KCC and the position of Korean art in London. I challenge anyone not to be captivated enough to pay Monologues a visit.

  • Monologues will be exhibited at the London KCC from March 22nd-May 28th 2011
  • Visit the KCC page, or e-mail info@kcc.org.uk for more information:
  • Kimchi Soul will be visiting the exhibition, and will report back soon…
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